ATLANTA — Equifax has released a new solution for auto finance sources called Equifax Dimensions. It is designed to deliver an in-depth picture of past credit behavior in order to better predict future credit trends.

Using this new solution, finance sources can see up to two years’ worth of detailed consumer credit activity, allowing them to make more precise and profitable lending decisions, according to the company.

Equifax Dimensions analyzes hundreds of detailed payment characteristics to identify consumer patterns by industry and account type. Users can access 24 months of consumer balance, payment and credit utilization data to differentiate behaviors and maximize consumer insight in their decisions.

The solution allows finance sources to identify which consumers are most likely to open accounts; predict how much and where consumers are likely to spend; and create an indicator for credit line increases and the likelihood for staying current on payments following an increase, among other things.

“Equifax Dimensions gives our customers a window to look further into consumer credit trends so that they can make more informed lending decisions to therefore increase profitability,” said John Cullerton, senior vice president of product innovation and management for Equifax.