SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — CarWoo!, an online marketplace for automotive buyers and dealers, released a new e-Book for auto dealers: “Selling to Stealth Shoppers; Increasing Sales To Shoppers Who Will Not Reveal Themselves.”

The e-Book focuses on the reasons behind the emergence of a new car buyer: the stealth shopper. It includes current approaches to influence this new type of car buyer, as well as best practices for providing the anonymity this type of customer demands.

“Auto dealerships are making significant investments in their Internet departments while obtaining diminishing returns. Failing to embrace the principles of modern consumer e-commerce, traditional Internet departments continue the practice of focusing on ‘setting the appointment,’ while consumers demonstrate increasing discontent with the approach,” said Tommy McClung, CarWoo co-founder and CEO.

“The majority of today’s car buyers no longer believe that they should be required to pay for pricing, availability or other details regarding a car with their name, phone number and e-mail address — the price demanded by the clearly outdated new car lead model and by BDCs and, most importantly, Internet departments.”