LAS VEGAS — MPi announced Tuesday that its EDGE WorldClass solution was endorsed by Jaguar Land Rover North America (JLRNA). The companies are also teaming up to offer Jaguar and Land Rover retailers a special limited-time enrollment incentive.

EDGE WorldClass is a service tools that standardizes the inspection, estimating and recommendation processes. It allows the service department to present customers with accurate, trusted information about needed vehicle service, according to the company. It also builds connections with customers that drive retention throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.

EDGE WorldClass was evaluated by JLRNA during a pilot program conducted in the fall of 2012. Success was determined based on the following criteria collected from the 12 retailers who participated:

  • Increase in the number of inspections performed and ROs written
  • Total parts and labor dollars per RO
  • Total increase in parts and labor revenue
  • The increase in percentage of captured declined services
  • The experience of the service process by retailers and consumers

“Since implementing MPi’s EDGE solution in our Jaguar and Land Rover stores in 2009, we have steadily increased our inspection penetration from 88.6 percent to 98.1 percent, enabling us to better serve our customers,” said Nestor Alvarez , service manager with Land Rover North Dade and Land Rover South Dade.

“Our upsell per inspection has increased 26 percent, averaging $894.91 per inspection; and using the EDGE report Know Your Vehicle has made a strong positive impression with our customers.”

The special limited-time enrollment incentive for Jaguar and Land Rover retailers is as follows:

  • Incentive set-up costs and monthly fees will be subsidized by MPi and JLRNA.
  • Retailer contribution will be approximately one-third of the standard training and installation fees and 50 percent of the monthly cost of the base-level program for four months. Alternatively, the retailer has the choice to amortize the remainder of the training and installation cost after subsidy amount over 12 months.
  • There is no long-term retailer obligation
  • Monthly costs are determined by program features selected, DMS type, retailer volume levels, etc.
  • JLRNA funding allotment is based on limited participation - participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.