LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Black Book’s new Collateral Insight Engine is designed to help auto finance sources compile and analyze historical, current and projected vehicle values so users can analyze collateral performance and create custom views that meet their specific portfolio needs.

Available through the Black Book Lender Solutions division, the new product provides insight so lenders can identify opportunities, fine tune loss forecasting and balance portfolios.

Collateral data is extremely important to lenders as they look to further expand their portfolios in an automotive industry that continues to grow. With an estimated 2013 SAAR of 15.5 million new light vehicles, according to Black Book, it is important for lenders to build their portfolios around the right vehicles. The ability to analyze historical, current and projected vehicle values in real time allows lenders to make quick and accurate decisions that can impact the profitability of a portfolio.

“Auto lenders need to make decisions in a more efficient manner for their portfolio, and Collateral Insight Engine is the most innovative service to bring this level of insight at the click of a button,” said Jeff Bunch, vice president of Black Book Lender Solutions. “With this product, lenders can see how adding or reducing a certain vehicle or segment will impact their portfolio in real time, expediting the decision-making process.”