NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Dealers using Carfax on the Internet engage more visitors and improve lead conversions on their website, according to new study from Dataium, an aggregator of in-market automotive shopper behavior. Commissioned by Carfax, the study revealed that online shoppers spend nearly twice as long on a dealer’s website, are five times more likely to submit a lead, and are twice as likely to look at cars when the dealer provides Carfax Vehicle History Reports (VHR)s.

Dataium analyzed visitor behaviors across its entire network of automotive websites from May through July to measure the influence of Carfax VHRs online. “In our study, when Carfax Reports were provided online, there was a significant increase in visitor engagement,” said Joe Burns, director of business intelligence at Dataium. “Visitors spent more time on site, viewed more pages on average, and were more likely to submit a lead to the dealer.”

Bill Eager, vice president of Carfax, added: “Our partnership with dealers goes well beyond providing vehicle history information. We help give online shoppers more confidence to become on-the-lot buyers.”