ORLANDO, Fla. — US Equity Advantage (USEA) kicked off a new marketing campaign this week that centers on its AutoPayPlus biweekly and early loan payoff service.

For more than 10 years, USEA has offered bi-weekly and early loan payoff services for the automotive industry. The new initiative will showcase key service differentiators, including the company’s deep automotive experience, powerful resources, in-field training, technology innovation, and customer service, according to officials. The company also plans to leverage messaging about its approach to compliance and operations.

“It takes an established company with comprehensive processing, support and a full-time compliance staff to assure we are answering the needs of our customers.  We don't believe in outsourcing our member services abroad, or short-cutting compliance measures,” said Robert Steenbergh, CEO and president of US Equity Advantage. “With this new marketing campaign, we have a platform to tell this story and the very important differences between USEA and our competitors.”

USEA works with some of the largest dealerships and their agents, along with industry-heavyweight partners to create more profitable F&I departments, Steenbergh noted. He said dealership using the company’s AutoPayPlus report a 57% increase in the number of F&I products sold to customers, as well as a 63% increase in income per vehicle financed.

USEA was the first company to be fully integrated with the menu and DMS in 2003 through a partnership with MenuVantage. In early February 2014, it announced a new agreement with Ristken Software Services to provide biweekly loan services through Ristken’s Menu-Pro platform, which will make it available to thousands more U.S. automotive dealerships.

The company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Agent Summit, scheduled for March 10-12 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.