URBANDALE, Iowa —Flick Fusion has partnered with Lighthouse Technology Team (LT2) to bring video marketing solutions to the commercial truck, equipment, cycle, recreational vehicle (RV) and powersports industries.

Effective immediately, the Flick Fusion video platform will enable dealers in these industries to showcase their vehicles and equipment with live-action videos on their websites, push inventory videos to third-party sites, and take advantage of Video SEO (VSEO) to bring customers to their websites.

"Consumers in these vertical markets are quickly following the automotive consumer when it comes to relying on the Internet and technology during the research, shopping and purchasing process," said Brian Cox, president and CEO of Flick Fusion Video Marketing. "Dealerships that showcase their equipment with dynamic videos and leverage the incredible power of VSEO have an opportunity to greatly increase their presence and ability to be found on the Internet."

The Flick Fusion video marketing platform offers dealers an automated, user-friendly and inexpensive solution for creating videos for every vehicle or piece of equipment on the lot, officials said. Videos can be featured on the dealers' websites, pushed out to third-party inventory shopping sites and/or posted on YouTube and other video sites that leverage the power of VSEO.

Flick Fusion's platform is fully automated. When customers type in the name of a make, model or type of equipment, videos are 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results, according to Forrester Research.

LT2 specializes in helping technology and marketing vendors in retail automotive to break into adjacent vertical markets including commercial truck, equipment, power sports, cycle and recreational vehicles (RVs).

"Dealers in these markets are seeing a growing demand by their consumers, and require more industry-leading solutions to effectively market their products and services over the Internet," said Lance Tebay, founder and CEO of LT2. "That's a direct result of a more sophisticated online consumer, and inventory videos are one of the best tools for capturing consumers' attention, bringing them to your website and converting them into leads and sales."