URBANDALE, Iowa —Flick Fusion has announced a collaboration with ZMOT Auto, an automotive digital velocity firm, to produce vehicle inventory videos with voiceovers in a conversational style for Spanish-speaking car buyers.

Auto dealerships that cater to a Spanish-speaking clientele can now include inventory videos as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to reach a segment of the car-buying population that has been traditionally underserved by retail automotive marketers, officials said.

"For dealers who are serious about attracting and retaining Spanish-speaking customers, the ability to provide videos in a conversational style is important," said Brian Cox, president and CEO of Flick Fusion Video Marketing. "Native language translation instills a far greater emotional connection than a computer-generated voiceover produced by an auto translator. This collaboration with ZMOT Auto allows us to provide distribution of relevant video merchandising of vehicles in conversational Spanish."

When aligned with ZMOT Auto's integrated digital marketing, Flick Fusion's Spanish-language videos leverage the power of SEO and targeted behavioral marketing to attract and convert the many car buyers who conduct online research in the Spanish language. According to Google, over 30% of searches in the U.S. are conducted by people who speak Spanish or both Spanish and English interchangeably. If the primary language in a household is Spanish, the browser settings are likely to be set to Spanish. Even if users conduct some of their searches in English, if a dealer's language targeting is set to English only, its inventory listings and ads will not display to this audience. Because of this collaboration, Flick Fusion and ZMOT Auto's inventory videos incorporate Spanish keywords and are more likely to be displayed in organic search results and drive traffic to a dealership's website.

Conversational Spanish videos are a unique component of ZMOT Auto’s integrated marketing solution designed to extend the brand reach and relevance of auto dealers with local Spanish-speaking car buyers. Other components of ZMOT Auto's solution include: targeted and behavioral marketing; classified listing merchandising, long tail inventory marketing, social media, reputation management, blog marketing, live-chat and more.

"Spanish-speaking consumers prefer to purchase in an environment where they feel most comfortable," said Robert Powell, chief performance officer at ZMOT. "Providing consistent access as well as relevant information to this large and growing customer base, ensures our auto retail clients are in a position to be of service and capitalize on a huge business opportunity."

Some demographic experts estimate the current population of Hispanics in the U.S. is over 50 million, which means approximately one in six people speak Spanish. All of the major auto manufacturers have dedicated advertising and marketing campaigns that cater to this growing population, but the majority of dealerships in the U.S. do not have dedicated Spanish-language marketing programs.