HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — CDK Global, Inc. has announced its Audience Management solution, a digital marketing package that allows dealers to more profitably target their customers using sophisticated targeting technologies.

Audience Management offers a personalized, individual online shopping experience for each shopper — technology that is on par with companies like Amazon, Netflix and Google, officials said. This technology, offered by the CDK Digital Marketing group (formerly Cobalt), tracks individual shopper behavior on and off dealership sites, learns from it, and delivers customized content to dealership visitors, on any device. The website and advertising react in the moment with the most appropriate, relevant message.

“Personalization is a good thing,” said Scott Mathews, president of CDK Digital Marketing. “If you’ve visited a website like Amazon and been offered a recommendation of what they think you’d like, that’s personalization. Customers get the content they want to see, making for a better shopping experience, and dealerships get to cater to an audience of one. It’s becoming a standard practice that customers expect, and it’s time to apply this to the automotive retail space.”

Through this technology, dealers can engage their most profitable audiences with a digital showroom, which is updated in real-time and tailored for each individual shopper with the vehicles that they’re most interested in. Plus, the solution is backed by a team of people who works with each dealership to build, execute, and adjust the strategy, according to the company.

“One of our clients’ challenges has always been how to make sense of all of their mountains of data,” noted Mathews. “And dealerships understand that you can’t do this with just people — you need the science and technology engine to put this data to work. With the largest automotive data warehouse in the world, CDK can help.”