FORT WORTH, Texas — Sigma Payment Solutions, an auto loan payment processing provider that also offers a full menu of advanced payment channels nationwide, has announced an alliance with KISS Concepts Group to market its solutions to auto dealers in the buy-here-pay-here industry, as well as finance companies, credit unions and banks throughout the United States.

Through this new alliance, KISS Concepts Group’s nationwide business development managers will act as the outside sales force for Sigma’s entire suite of products and services. This offering includes Sigma’s new pay-by-text solution as well as their pay-by-phone (Interactive Voice Response, or IVR) system, automated payment kiosks, online customer payment portal and more.

“Payment collection is the most important element in operating a successful buy-here-pay-here dealership or subprime auto finance company,” said Rod Heasley, KISS Concepts Group president and chief relationships officer. “Our team is honored to partner up with Sigma because their solutions are specifically designed to ease payment collections with numerous programs. The collection part of our industry is in desperate need of these programs, which simplify and streamline clients’ operations.”

“One of the key aspects of our automated payment technology — like the IVR or payment kiosk, for example — is that these technologies enable customers to serve themselves and make payments without any involvement from employees,” added Susan Perlmutter, Sigma’s chief revenue officer.

Perlmutter said this approach frees up collections teams to focus more time and energy on chronically delinquent customers, and waste less time going after customers who would pay anyway.

“This is a major benefit in the independent market, where efficient collections is so crucial,” she said.

In addition to their suite of automated payment technology, Sigma Payment Solutions also offers payment processing services for all major debit and credit cards, virtual terminal support and a number of other payment-related services. Many of their technology solutions can be white-labeled with the client’s own branding, which ensures a consistent experience for customers.