AUSTIN, Texas — Service Group, an F&I income development company, has announced that its SG Forensix analytics tool is now patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

SG Forensix is a web-based platform that uses proprietary technology to provide real-time performance analysis of auto dealership finance managers. Its dynamic dashboard data visualization tool allows F&I producers to be compared to peers within a dealer group, a region, a state, or even among same OEM dealerships, officials said.

“We're incredibly excited about bringing dealers and their F&I producers a tool that allows so much comparison flexibility,” said Service Group President Martin Jenns. “This capability just hasn’t existed in the industry before now. It’s really going to help dealers maximize F&I income potential.”

The SG Forensix platform will be used in virtual sessions led by professional moderators to reveal producer strengths and weaknesses and identify training opportunities. It joins SG Analytix as the second in Service Group’s suite of analytics tools.