DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — CreditMiner announced today that its BASIS F&I platform will now be able to prescreen or prequalify consumers against all three credit bureaus and receive a full file return. The company refers to the new feature as 3Screen and 3Qual.

“The type of consumer engagement CreditMiner allows for its dealers completely shifts the credit paradigm by allowing credit to be moved to the front of the transaction," said Don O'Neil, general manager of CreditMiner. "This type of engagement gives the dealer an advantage in capturing vehicle finance transaction."

CreditMiner's BASIS F&I platform is designed to give dealers the ability to prescreen or prequalify consumers at any point of the transaction, whether it’s in a physical storefront or through a digital mean of consumer engagement. BASIS allows a dealer to go from initial contact, full credit inquiries, full compliance and funding while never collecting or becoming the fiduciary of the clients’ key identifiers, according to the company.

“What has continued to separate us from any other player in the space is not just technology or bureau relationships, it is our ability to create and deliver products that are dealer driven,” O’Neil said. “Understanding the day-to-day trials a dealer goes through to capture profitability is our edge, because we come from the dealer operational space.”

CreditMiner will be demonstrating its technology at the 2016 National Auto Dealers Association Convention and Expo in Las Vegas.