PHOENIX — Fueled by more than $460 million in additional funding, online pre-owned retailer Carvana is expanding into Cincinnati, the company announced today.

With the addition of Cincinnati, Carvana will now be able to offer next-day car delivery to more than 118.3 million customers nationwide, 7.9 million of which reside in Cincinnati and metropolitan areas, according to the company.

“Knowing that Cincinnati is a big driving area, we’re confident customers will appreciate the great experience Carvana offers over the traditional dealership model,” said Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana. “As the third biggest city in Ohio, with proximity to Northern Kentucky as well, there is a high demand for used cars in this area, and we’re excited to bring the Carvana experience to this market.”

Carvana claims that its customers save an average of $1,461 on their car purchases, all done through an online experience from their home. The company also provides a seven-day return policy for every vehicle purchased from its inventory.

In August, the online retailer expanded its business into the Washington, D.C., market. The move allowed the company to bring its next-day delivery to more than 13.2 million consumers in the area.

The retailer provides delivery options to consumers throughout 46 states in the U.S. It offers next-day delivery to residents in 17 markets, including Atlanta; Austin; Birmingham; Charlotte; Cincinnati; Columbus; Dallas; Houston; Jacksonville; Miami; Nashville; Orlando; Raleigh; San Antonio; Tampa; Richmond; and Washington D.C.