PHOENIX — In two separate announcements, Carvana today announced that it has partnered with Associated Credit Union and LGE Community Credit Union to offer their members access to certified and competitively priced vehicles through an entirely online car-buying experience.

Carvana touts itself as the nation’s leading online vehicle retailer. Through these partnerships, members originating from both credit unions will be able to browse through its inventory and purchase a vehicle in as little as 20 minutes without stepping foot inside a dealership, the company stated.

“We’re excited to offer Associated Credit Union members a shopping experience where they can be in the driver’s seat and find the best vehicle for their needs. Our model is very similar to credit unions, as we are both dedicated to offering a transparent experience and providing the best service to our customers,” said Ernie Garcia, CEO and cofounder of Carvana.

According to online retailer, the more-than 160,000 Associated Credit Union members will be able to visit any of the credit union’s 27 locations in the Metro Atlanta and Augusta area to receive pre-approval for a Carvana vehicle. Once they receive approval, they’ll then be able to browse Carvana’s inventory of more than 7,000 vehicles, complete the purchase online, and have their car delivered as soon as the next day.

"We are excited to team up with LGE and offer its members the opportunity to either shop for a new vehicle or trade in their current one, without the hassle of leaving their home," Garcia said. "Credit unions have been incredible partners of ours as they share our customer-first mentality and are receptive to innovation.”

LGE Community Credit Union member will be able to visit one of the nine full-service locations that the credit union has in Georgia. Credit union members will have the choice of speaking to a loan officer at one of the nine physical locations, speaking to a loan officer on the phone, through email or to use an online application. Following their approval, LGE Community Credit Union members will also be able to browse Carvana's inventory and purchase a vehicle entirely online by using Carvana.

Carvana currently works with a total of 13 credit unions across the country. All Carvana vehicles undergo a 150-point inspection and come with a 100-day or 4,189-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and are backed by a seven-day return policy.