West Kelowna, BC — Quantech Software Inc. has dropped the word "Online" from its flagship Q-F&I (Online) and Q-Menus (Online) solutions. It also announced this week a new version of its Q-DMS software.

"For a few years, there was a certain cache around being able to say your software was web-based, so when we migrated our Windows-based menu and F&I products to the Web, we added the word ‘Online’ to them,” said Mike Martin, Quantech General Manager. "Now that most everything is web based, we have dropped the word ‘Online.’”

The entire Quantech software suite of products, including its Q-F&I, Q-Menus, and Q-GPS solutions, are now web based. Officials said Quantech will continue offering support for its Window versions.

In addition to dropping the word ‘Online,’ Quantech has added a new brand, "Q-DMS," to its line-up.

"We are seeing more and more customers using our software to manage their dealership; ‘Q’ is their DMS,” said Martin.

Q-DMS includes all of the firm’s integrations, inventory management, deal management, forms printing, and deal exports for accounting purposes. It’s a fully integrated DMS solution touting accounting, parts and service, purchasing, payroll, and ILM/CRM lead management that’s handled through the company’s integration partnerships with Blue Skies Business Solutions (Peartree), DealerSocket, and others.

Dealerships using only the company’s F&I tools will continue using the Q-F&I-branded product. "A significant number of our customers have elected to use our F&I tools over the ones in their DMS systems,” said Martin. “They like how easy Q-F&I is to use, our support, and our many integrations.”