DUBLIN, Calif. — The directors of TagRail announced their new “customer experience management” (or “CEM”) platform is improving showroom up conversion and vehicle closing ratios among dealership users.

TagRail was designed to create a “shoulder-to-shoulder” partnership between sales departments and customers, promoting a transparent, seamless, complete and comfortable experience for all parties. It also provides built-in accountability that provides sales consultants and their managers near real-time feedback designed to create competitive incentives to excel.

The new CEM helps dealerships deliver personalized experiences that create customers for life, according to CEO Kiran Karunakaran.

“Today’s customers want to feel good about the sales consultant and dealership they are considering spending their money with, or they will go elsewhere if this is not their experience that they are accustomed to in other retail environments,” Karunakaran said. “TagRail helps the dealership foster trust and engagement and thereby converting more walk-in traffic into paying customers.”