Photo courtesy NOAA

Photo courtesy NOAA

Manheim and ADESA reopened their Florida auction facilities last Tuesday, as Hurricane Irma moved north toward Tennessee.

Manheim opened most of its 11 Florida auctions on Tuesday. The auctions will offer select digital sales, said Lois Rossi, a Manheim spokesperson.

ADESA also opened its five Florida auctions last Tuesday. ADESA Ocala is operating with limited staff, and was expected to have a consignment sale this past Friday.

In Georgia, Manheim's three auctions — Manheim Atlanta, Manheim Georgia, and Manheim Metro Atlanta — remained closed last week but were offering digital sales. ADESA Atlanta is open.

Manheim has also been working to fully restore business operations at its three facilities in the Houston area — Manheim Houston, Manheim South Houston, and Manheim Texas Hobby — following Hurricane Harvey. To help dealers, Manheim-owner Cox Automotive is waiving storage fees, providing transportation assistance, and giving time extensions to purchased products, Rossi said.

The company has also been communicating with clients that its facilities are open and directing them to digital channels when needed.