DALLAS — Ecommerce solutions provider Fastlane will enter the independent and pre-owned car dealer market in January 2018, the company announced. Having focused on dealer groups since the company’s initial launch earlier this year, the company views the independent and pre-owned car dealership segment as equally important and will enter that market aggressively, according to Vice President of Sales David Luce.

“We get numerous inquiries from independent and used-car dealers online and at trade shows, and now we have a product tailored and reasonably priced for these types of dealerships,” Luce said. “There are nearly 30,000 independent dealerships in the U.S. market, representing 35-40% of the vehicles sold online. With online sales now being a key dynamic in the auto market, we believe our platform is uniquely positioned to help independent and used-car dealers stay competitive.”

Fastlane’s platform was designed to enable car buyers to purchase a vehicle directly from the dealer’s website and gives them an easy and complete checkout experience. The platform is said to handle nearly all the tasks associated with the purchase process: year, make, model, specifications and price information on each vehicle, warranty and service contract options, aftermarket product options, trade-in evaluations and accurate retail and lease payment information.   Dealers have been very pleased that Fastlane is much more than a cookie-cutter solution, said Brandon Hall, the company’s CEO.

“We built Fastlane knowing that the online car-buying process typically differs from dealer to dealer and from region to region,” Hall said. “Our technical teams work closely with each dealer to determine how their online car buying experience should work. Then we configure it to their satisfaction. It’s a win-win that makes online purchasing easy for car dealers and their customers.”