CHICAGO — Dealer and manufacturer marketing and technology services provider Affinitiv introduced the Connectiv1 platform, an end-to-end loyalty marketing solution designed to create connected customers for life. Connectiv1’s advanced predictive analytics engine makes it easy for auto dealerships to leverage their customer data and target customers with the right message at the right time on the right communications channel, according to Affinitiv CEO Scot Eisenfelder.

“Every dealer knows that it’s critical to keep customers engaged throughout the ownership lifecycle, but the question is how to effectively do that,” Eisenfelder said. “Connectiv1’s analytics engine connects data across the entire customer journey, providing dealers with a 360-degree view of their customers, vehicles and campaign effectiveness all in one place.”

Connectiv1 utilizes a multichannel approach proven to increase reach and frequency, boost response rates, lower marketing spend and improve customer retention. The platform provides dealers with a cost-effective way to implement their manufacturers’ customer loyalty and retention marketing programs, and can also be used by individual dealers to create their own retention programs, all according to the provider.

Connectiv1 is a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that dealerships access through a user-friendly, modern and personalized portal. The portal, dashboards and reports can all be used on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The platform includes an advanced predictive analytics engine that allows dealers to leverage the customer data they already have in their DMS and CRM, Eisenfelder said.

“Big data has been a buzzword for a while but the challenge for dealers is how to analyze the data and what to do with it. Connectiv1’s analytics engine removes that challenge by creating models that automatically determine the best timing for communications, best offer types, amounts and best channels to reach customers.”