ATLANTA — After making upgrades to its Manheim Market Report (MMR) this past summer, including valuation adjustments for a vehicle’s AutoGrade condition, exterior color, and mileage, plus enhanced mobile and desktop interfaces, Manheim said this week that MMR received 23 million visits last year.

In addition to buyers and sellers taking advantage of the various time-saving improvements, more than 90,000 unique users, on average, access MMR each month, according to Manheim’s research.

Regarded as the industry’s standard for wholesale vehicle valuations, MMR delivers a more accurate vehicle valuation to buyers and sellers, which drives greater confidence, especially as they transact business digitally. In addition, Manheim’s MMR is the first valuation tool to use OEM build-data (when available), eliminating the guesswork in VIN-decoding. 

“Our improvements are bringing record visits and rave reviews from both buyers and sellers,” said Ed Berkowitz, vice president of product management for Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions. “With richer data, increased accuracy and MMR being the first valuation tool to incorporate OEM, VIN-specific data, clients can make smarter, faster business decisions.”

MMR is the only tool that adjusts valuation for AutoGrade condition. By reviewing how different grades affect MMR value, clients may also use the MMR interface to make decisions about what the level of reconditioning should be done before selling a vehicle in a wholesale or retail channel.