LAS VEGAS — Digital Air Strike showcased Response Path, an intelligent messaging solution that includes website chat, social media, and Facebook Messenger interaction, as well as text message functionality, at last week's National Automobile Dealers Association Convention & Expo (NADA) in Las Vegas.

Response Path’s AI-powered platform engages with car buyers on multiple platforms, delivers customized vehicle quotes, and connects consumers to dealership personnel via email or text message if necessary, according to Erica Sietsma, Digital Air Strike’s senior vice president of consumer engagement and product strategy.

“Digital Air Strike leads the way in helping dealerships connect with car buyers and service customers online. The addition of Response Path AI messaging technology to our solutions enhances dealers’ ability to communicate with their customers the way their customers prefer,” Sietsma said. “Response Path’s virtual assistants were developed to ask qualifying questions that move consumers further down the sales funnel and even deliver a dynamic price quote including multiple vehicle options. This is truly the next generation of chat and costs a fraction of what most dealers pay today for functionality that only works on their websites.”