ISELIN, N.J. — Fintech solutions provider Darwin Automotive announced its patented F&I system has been selected by CDK Global to power the F&I offering of the CDK Connected Store solution.

“We are excited to bring our innovative offering to the CDK Connected Store solution,” said Phil Battista, CEO of Darwin Automotive. “Using our patented technology, CDK Connected Store will be able to offer personalized F&I protection in real time direct to the consumer.”

Darwin personalizes F&I products by using a patented set of algorithms. The information surrounding how that specific consumer will benefit from the product or service is critical to the education of the online consumer, Battista said.

“Dealers can’t afford to lose yet another profit center and some of these providers are asking them to do just that. Darwin has ported the technology that it has created and deployed in more than 2,500 dealers, making it available for direct consumption and removing the barriers that have previously restricted the presentation of F&I products online.”

Darwin is now providing CDK access to its F&I Collateral Library, which consists of more than 500 pieces of video and electronic collateral from 140 providers. It is billed as the largest such library in the industry.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Darwin to offer F&I products in Connected Store 2.0 in such an innovative way,” said Max Steckler, vice president of product management for CDK Global. “To be successful, we know that we have to provide a protection-products experience that is much more consultative than it is coercive. Darwin provides the smart, shopper-driven experience that fits perfectly with our Connected Store vision.”