ORLANDO, Fla. — US Equity Advantage has launched an esignature feature for enrollment in its biweekly payment F&I service designed to help dealerships meet consumer demand for a high-tech, high-touch car-buying experience.

“Our new esignature feature will appeal to today’s tech-savvy consumers who are accustomed to paying for purchases and depositing checks from their smart phones,” said Robert Steenbergh, CEO of US Equity Advantage. “Electronic submission of enrollment forms is also more efficient, saving time for both the consumer and the dealer.”

AutoPayPlus is an F&I service designed to allow dealers to help car buyers better afford their loan payment, purchase additional F&I products, trade out earlier and return to the dealer in a positive equity position. For dealerships using menu software systems in which USEA is integrated, enrollment in AutoPayPlus can now be paperless. Dealers who are not integrated will still benefit from faster submissions using the esignature feature, according to the company.

“With all the disruptive business models out there focused on commoditizing auto sales, the personal relationship with the dealer is becoming lost,” said Steenbergh. “Our new paperless enrollment process allows dealers to offer a high-tech method that today’s consumers expect while providing a positive experience that enhances their opinion of the dealership and increases retention for trade-in and repeat business.”