GREENVILLE, S.C. — Automotive Digital Marketing Agency (a.k.a. DOM360) released their latest innovation this week: a tool that automates dealership listings in Facebook Marketplace.

Executives noted that, since October, Facebook has been partnering with automotive dealerships within the Marketplace platform to list vehicles alongside individual sellers. As the months have passed, both large and smaller locally owned dealerships have started listing their inventory on Facebook Marketplace. DOM360’s innovative tool was designed to completely automate that process with nightly inventory scans.

“As an agency that has been partnering with automotive brands and dealerships for over a decade, we always stay plugged into opportunities and technology that can drive both sales and awareness,” according to Dan Austin, DOM360’s front-end development manager. “We saw the opportunity that Facebook Marketplace offered our clients, so we developed technology to make it seamless and automated.”

By listing inventory on Marketplace, dealers can reach more people on Facebook and people that are already browsing vehicles. With the benefits of reaching more car buyers and the addition of automation to the process, Facebook Marketplace becomes a powerful marketing tool for dealerships, according to the company’s CMO, Ryan Alford.

“We are a unique agency that delivers both creative content and we have a development side that builds applications and software,” Alford said. “In this day and age, our nimbleness and innovation really work well for maximizing client success which is what it is really all about.”