PLEASANTON, Calif. — TagRail, creators of the Lexus Plus App, announced today that their digital retailing platform is approved for all Lexus dealers to engage guests during the shopping journey.

TagRail includes a website plugin designed to enable a living room-to-showroom buying experience and an instore application that integrates with existing dealership systems, allowing a customer can restart the journey at the dealership under the guidance of a sales consultant. Finally, a rich analytics dashboard integrated with Google analytics enables dealers to adjust the consumer journey based on real-time statistics, according to TagRail CEO Kiran Karunakaran.

“We are delighted to be part of the Lexus digital ecosystem. Treating customers as guests has been the cornerstone of the Lexus brand, and this resonates with our stated mission of transforming the car-buying experience,” Karunakaran said. “We are in great company with a select group of approved vendors, and we aim to continuously raise the bar concerning new product features and user experience. We believe some of the great technology we developed as part of the Lexus Plus program will be well suited for mass adoption by all Lexus dealers.”

The TagRail platform includes modules for sales, showroom, desking, and F&I, allowing TagRail dealers to better manage workforce dynamics, engage customers and improve workflows through the dealership, added David Luce, the company’s vice president of sales.

“We are seeing digital retailing evolve from a good-to-have tool to a must-have tool for all dealerships. Dealerships are spending a ton of money on advertisements with not much return on investment. The average website conversion rate is still low with traditional tools,” Luce said. “By adding our digital retailing platform to the dealer website, dealers can expect a significant improvement in website conversion as well as providing an ecommerce checkout option.”