ATLANTA — Flexdrive, the joint venture of Cox Automotive and fleet management company ARI, is expanding its car subscription technology to South Florida through a new partnership with Florida Fine Cars, a three-year recipient of DealerRater’s Consumer Satisfaction Award.

The used-vehicle retailer is set to launch AmeriDrive, a subscription program that will leverage the FlexDrive technology and consumer marketplace when Florida Fine Cars launches the service at its four locations South Florida locations (Hollywood, Margate, Miami, and West Palm Beach).

“Buying a car should be simple, but it is instead often seen as stressful and a hassle,” said Ramin Farahmand, co-owner of Florida Fine Cars, the parent company of AmeriDrive. “People need an alternative that puts their minds at ease and gives them options. Car subscription fits that need and Flexdrive was the clear partner to help our business continue to evolve and grow, while also reaching existing customers and new consumers in a different, compelling way.”

Flexdrive’s technology platform allows dealers to manage all aspects of car subscription service, from fleet management down to individual transactions with consumers. Additionally, Flexdrive's proprietary algorithms provide powerful data analytics that ensures participating dealerships maximize the economic profitability of their subscription program.

According to the used-vehicle retailer, AmeriDrive will offer a mix of makes, models and price points through the Flexdrive marketplace to reach consumers across a wide spectrum that spans the concept of those needing a car for day-to-day life to those wanting a car as part of a lifestyle experience.

“Florida Fine Cars is a progressive dealership and constantly thinking about how best to evolve to meet consumer demand, while also moving toward mobility and the future of the automotive industry. The launch of AmeriDrive points straight to the forward-thinking that’s core to their business,” said Flexdrive CEO Jose Puente. “A car subscription program is truly an ah-hah moment for dealerships when you consider its advantages: recurring monthly revenue, enhanced CSI scores and customer retention as well as more options for consumers with changing needs.”