SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Digital engagement company Digital Air Strike today announced it has integrated with Facebook to deploy its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered real-time messaging solution, Response Path, on Facebook Messenger.

Response Path allows businesses to deploy “Facebook Assistant” on Messenger to communicate with customers, route leads to the proper sales staff and respond anytime. This is especially important for companies selling items and advertising on Facebook Marketplace, where Messenger is the preferred communication channel for customer interaction.

“The way people engage with businesses has changed,” said Alexi Venneri, CEO and co-founder, Digital Air Strike. “We developed Response Path to accommodate that change while also being very aware that businesses don’t have the time or staff to manage multiple communication channels day and night. That’s where intelligent messaging comes in as it asks qualifying questions to move consumers farther down the sales funnel before a person needs to step in.”

Response Path automates much of the initial lead nurturing process so that salespeople can focus more attention on in-person buyers. It can schedule appointments, collect contact information and, for automobile dealerships, deliver customized vehicle quotes within minutes. Staff members can then take over a chatbot conversation at any time and view all messages through the tool’s intuitive inbox.

The platform is highly secure and authenticated through protocols such as SHA, TLS and policy designs such as server isolation. It is also HIPAA compliant for clients using it in the healthcare sector, as well as being cost effective and delivering a measurable return on investment.

Digital Air Strike’s Response Path platform was introduced in March 2018 following Digital Air Strike’s acquisition of the privately held Eldercare Technology (d.b.a. Path Chat), an AI chat technology business. The combination of the messaging technology with Digital Air Strike’s social media, consumer engagement, and lead response solutions create a complete digital engagement experience.