RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. — Finance Express, provider of Web-based financial services for independent auto dealerships, has entered into a contract with Wayne Reaves Software that will allow the software company’s dealers to access Finance Express’ lender portal.

“Everyone is adverse to change, so this relationship allows dealers to take advantage of Finance Express' lender partners without changing their current way of doing business," says David Huber, president of Finance Express.

Along with its recent partnership with Frazer, another auto dealer software provider, Finance Express will now have an additional 11,000 dealers accessing its lender portal. Wayne Reaves is a former buy-here, pay-here dealer from Macon, Ga., who began developing dealership software in 1986. The company is on the verge of completing an expansion project at its Macon office that will add 14 new workstations and a new conference and dealership training center.

"The Wayne Reaves organization is proud and excited to be able to announce a new relationship with Finance Express,” said Reaves. “This relationship will help the Wayne Reaves Dealer Base provide even more flexibility in providing their customers additional financing sources as the credit market continues to improve.”