LOS ANGELES — NADA University Partner trainer and author Grant Cardone will be featured in the National Geographic Channel’s newest two-part special, “Turnaround King.” Premiering June 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the two-part special will profile struggling businesses.

In part one of the special, Cardone travels to Whippany, N.J., to help the owners of a local gym get into better financial shape before they lose their business and possibly even their family home. Part two finds Cardone back in New Jersey to help a faltering car dealership in Keyport get back on track.

On the show, Cardone works closely with the companies and offers strategies for creating immediate revenue and without spending money.

“The indications of a slowing economic recovery should be proof enough to Americans that they must take control of their own financial survival,” Cardone said. “With ‘Turnaround King,’ National Geographic Channel has given me an opportunity to show on national TV what Americans must and can do to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and start to rebuild. These are real people, real businesses with real stakes on the line. We are literally turning around the US economy one business at a time.”