More than $5 billion in auto asset-back securities sales were made on Wednesday, providing more proof that investor demand for auto bonds remains high.

The sales come after last quarter’s $23 billion in auto ABS sales, the most in a decade, according to Barclays. That demand has helped fuel a more active auto finance industry, which helped fuel an $8.7 billion increase in consumer credit in February.

Active on Wednesday was Bank of America, which issued $2.37 billion in prime auto loan ABS. This was the first auto ABS issued by the bank since June 2010.

GM Financial also issued $1.1 billion in subprime auto ABS. Lead managers in that sale included Credit Suisse, RBS and Wells Fargo Securities. Royal Bank of Scotland also sold $1.5 billion in ABS for Toyota Financial Services, according to reports. The issue was increased from $802 million.