DALLAS — RedBumper, an inventory management company, believes it has solved a major pain point for auto dealer groups with the release of a complete suite of inventory analytic and management tools.

Key features include enterprise reporting, group trading, group appraisal optimization, group buying tools, and mobile group tools. This system works in real-time on a smartphone mobile platform, according to the company. 

RedBumper’s enterprise solution includes intergroup trading tools that optimize trades across the entire group. Any manager at any store can view inventory for their own store, or for the entire group, all on their Smartphone or desktop. If a buyer is out at auction buying for multiple stores, he can scan the vehicle and view every store’s stocking needs within the group.

“There’s nothing quite like this on the market for dealer groups,” said Bruce Thompson, company founder. “If one store has a vehicle they don’t need, either in current inventory or at the point of appraisal, a simple scan identifies where the needs are within the group. Via the user’s Smartphone, the vehicle can be inter-group traded or an instant Smartphone push notification can be sent to a sister stores’ managers for bid.”

RedBumper’s enterprise solution Integrates all inventory within the group and connects with SmartLot, a dynamic inventory analytic tool that blends historical performance with local market data to provide the optimal inventory stocking recommendations. The system will automatically sync the inventory mix and adjust to achieve maximum turn times and profits.

Instead of each dealership operating autonomously, RedBumper’s enterprise solution leverages the needs and buying power of the entire group, according to the company. It enables each manager to view the group’s inventory as a whole and see where the greatest opportunity is to move that vehicle for the most profit in the least amount of time. Everything can be viewed in real time and accessed on one screen or Smartphone.

“Statistics tell us if get the right vehicle to the right lot, 80 to 85 percent of the time it will turn within 21 days or less, for optimum profit,” Thompson said.

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