HOUSTON — CAR-Research XRM today announced the addition of a new “Prospecting the Household” feature to its single-source CRM solution. It is designed to help auto dealers located prospective vehicle buyers and capture more sales, according to the company.

The new “Prospecting the Household” scripts, built right into the CRM, are designed to farm the database for repeats, referrals (family members/co-workers), service customers and orphans owners to find the 2 percent of customers that are in the market to buy a new or used vehicle that month. The scripts prompt the salesperson to “prospect the household” with a word-track that walks the salesperson through a professional, courteous conversation.

The salesperson is also prompted to gather information about the household, including the number of drivers and vehicles in the family and the names of those drivers. It also provides ways to find out if someone in the household is in the market for a new vehicle, instructs sales representative on how to find out the type of vehicle that person drives, his or her monthly payment and estimated payoff amount.

“Dealers talk about wishing that they had a business development center, and what they don’t realize is that they have one right on the showroom floor,” said Patrick Kelly, CAR-Research XRM President and COO. “The average salesperson, according to NADA stats, only works one hour and 45 minutes of productive activity in a 9.5 hour day. Imagine if you could get 20 salespeople to work five productive hours per day. You would get 100 hours per day of business development activities out of your sales team.”