SAN DEIGO — LEAP Financial, a vehicle leasing company that serves consumers who have difficulty obtaining credit, scored high in a customer satisfaction survey it recently conducted.

LEAP asked customers to rate their overall satisfaction with LEAP using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “Not Satisfied” and 5 being “Very Satisfied.” Eighty percent of customers responded with high and very high rankings. LEAP also received favorable ratings on other satisfaction measures, including 80 percent of respondents noting that they would recommend LEAP to a friend. 

Customers were asked why they chose LEAP. By a margin of two to one, the most frequent response was that LEAP understood their situation and was easy to work with. When customers were asked to compare LEAP Financial with their prior lenders, the two most frequent responses were that LEAP understood their situation and was responsive to their needs.

“We are particularly pleased with the feedback we received in our recent customer satisfaction survey,” said Tim Condon, the company’s CEO. “We work hard to understand our customers’ situations and will dig into these survey results to understand how we can make their experience even better.”

LEAP was recently selected as a finalist for the San Diego Business Journals’ Inaugural Innovation Awards based on LEAP’s unique business model. This award was created to recognize organizations in the San Diego area that demonstrate how the innovative spirit drives economic value. Finalists from a variety of industries were selected and the winner will be announced at an awards reception in late June. 

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