Timonium, Md. — Helion Technologies, an information technology service provider, has partnered with Milton Security Group LLC to provide new-car dealers with added network security and protection of customer data. 

Helion, who works exclusively in the auto industry, identified several common network security issues in dealerships nationwide. The partnership is designed to provide access to the Edge Series of adaptive network security appliances to prevent unauthorized network access.

“We saw a number of common issues with dealers nationwide, researched a number of solutions and found that the Edge Series provided the highest level of security for the dealers,” said Erik Nachbahr, president of Helion Automotive Technologies.

Many dealerships are using wireless equipment to make working with customers easier and more versatile. For example, many service departments use wireless tablets to write up customers on the drive. However, this open network could place the customer’s information at risk, company officials said.

In the press release issued this week, the companies highlighted a recent incident where a hacker tapped into the dealership’s business accounts and funneled money out using a fake employee ID the thief created in the store’s system. As a result, $63,000 was taken from the dealership’s bank accounts.

Many wireless systems are used in dealerships, but have huge gaps in security, officials said. Dealerships use very old security measures on their wireless networks, which are easy to break into by hackers.

“One of the other issues we identified is that ex-employees and anyone else who has ever accessed your wireless network may still have access,” said Nachbahr. Once the access code has been given, that computer will always have access to the system. This new technology solves that problem.

“Helion Automotive Technologies is now the sole Premier Partner for the Edge Series in the automotive industry,” said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group. “Helion Automotive Technologies is the best partner in the Automotive Dealer arena when it comes to network management and security, and we are proud to have them as the sole Premium Partner for the Automotive Dealer market.”