NAPA, Calif. — AUL Corp. used its 2012 AUL National Agency Meeting, held at its corporate headquarters, to unveil a new logo and corporate identity. The new look was inspired by the human element and unique culture the 22-year-old company has built, official said.

Officials said the new look is one of friendliness, approachability, protection, and meaningful relationships. The company’s new logo boasts a more “approachable” font, along with a new mark that includes three new colors that represent transparency and protection, important aspects of AUL, officials added.

 “AUL has always demonstrated the commitment to innovation and change since the introduction of the revolutionary ‘Any Year, Any Mileage’ program 22 years ago,” said Founder and CEO Luis Nieves. “We believe that the new branding better reflects our business approach and culture as we grow our business.”

In addition to new marketing materials released at the meeting, AUL will update all of its materials and website over the next several months. A national advertising campaign, including the new brand, will begin in June.

 “This is about more than just new branding. It represents responsiveness to our agents and dealers in bringing them meaningful improvements to our products, processes and systems,” said Jimmy Atkinson, COO. “In the last several months we have made significant enhancements to our website, produced a sales video for use at the point of sale and expanded our product offering to meet the needs of our customers.”