CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — A new white paper from Automotive Compliance Consultants offers auto dealers guidelines on how to better avoid costly warranty claims errors and maximize claims payments.

“Manufacturers are increasingly cost conscious when it comes to warranty repairs and are eyeing claims with increasing scrutiny. Prevention here includes preemptive warranty audits that help identify and then correct potential problems before the factory’s auditors do,” said Terry Dortch, president of Automotive Compliance Consultants.

An internal audit of a dealership’s warranty claims can help verify the integrity of its warranty processes or where costly problems might be occurring. A poorly managed and maintained warranty process can result in factory audit chargebacks of $100,000 or higher. Unpaid claims, for whatever reason, cost the dealership money — money owed to it by the factory.

Tips for improving the warranty claim process are now available in a downloadable report, “Maximize Warranty Claims and Avoid Costly Warranty Mistakes.” Click here to download.