SAN ANTONIO — After making noteworthy progress in the state, Cash for Cars Quick is planning a robust Internet marketing strategy to promote its Cash for Clunkers-like program.

The cash for junk cars ad campaign has done well in San Antonio and the California-based company is looking to expand its service network throughout the country. Its eco-friendly recycling and disposal practice for junk vehicles has been acclaimed by environmentally conscious people around the country.

The company offers a treatment facility for hazardous liquid and solid wastes generated by a junk car. San Antonio residents have shown a great deal of interest in availing their service for several reasons, officials claim. These car owners cannot only safeguard the environment by selling their cars to Cash for Cars Quick, but they also make a substantial earning from their junk cars in the process.

"Nothing is possible without making the car owners aware of the importance of proper disposal of junk cars,” said William Leonard, company CEO. “Many of them do not have sufficient ideas about selling their old cars or how bad they are for the nature. There is no doubt that many of them would sell their cars if they are made aware of the benefits.”

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