SAINT AUGUSTINE, Fla. — E-Drive Autos (E-DRIVE) has launched an online marketplace that gives consumers access to vehicles at auction prices.

Today, auto dealers spend on average $250 per vehicle to sell at auction with no guarantee of even making a profit, according to the company. E-DRIVE provides a broader network of in-market car buyers who are attracted to "near wholesale" prices.

"By partnering with E-DRIVE, dealers can lessen the overhead costs and logistical problems associated with the traditional auction process, and with greater success, they can market their frontline units separately from wholesale units without hurting their bottom line,” said Aaron Brinsko, E-DRIVE'S director of sales. "I've spoken with hundreds of dealers, including some of the largest franchises in the country and they are overwhelmingly in support of our service.”

Most automotive dealerships utilize dealer-only auctions and/or websites to buy and sell wholesale vehicles. With E-DRIVE, dealers can upload their wholesale units for up to 28 days prior to auction and get one last shot at a retail sale. E-DRIVE also provides third-party pricing validation, as well as a vehicle qualification process to ensure that dealers adhere to the site’s rules. This qualification, which includes 16 filters, is done using a proprietary process using the NADA Used Car Guide.