DALLAS — Officials with RedBumper, LLC said the company’s inventory management system can do in three seconds what others can’t. The system can return faster downloads, and can deliver analytics and recommendations to help used-car departments perform better.

Auto dealers following RedBumper’s three-second recommendations are realizing 30 to 35 percent increases in used-car performance within 90 days of utilization, the company claims.

“We designed the system to be fast and extremely accurate,” said Bruce Thompson, CEO and founder. “We wanted to break the mold and do things differently. We tell our users to simply follow the recommendations. RedBumper does all the heavy lifting.

RedBumper’s system incorporates a hybrid methodology of historical and market-based algorithms.

Phil Smith, CEO of Phil Smith Automotive Group, has put all of its 13 rooftops on the program, while JD Blankenship of Day Automotive Group said his turn times were cut in half as volume and profit doubles.

“We just follow the recommendations and basically carry the system in our pockets because it’s on our smartphones as well,” Blankenship said.