BURLINGAME, Calif. — CarWoo! announced that DealerTrack’s PaymentDriver and FinanceDriver tools will be directly integrated into CarWoo!’s marketplace and its new Dealer Premium offering. The tools are designed to allow CarWoo! users can calculate monthly payments or find out if they qualify for financing on a specific vehicle offered through a CarWoo! subscribing dealer.

"DealerTrack’s PaymentDriver and FinanceDriver allow CarWoo! to provide dealers with buyers who are very far down the purchase funnel. These buyers are ready to close the deal and drive off," said Tommy McClung, CarWoo!’s CEO.

As soon as a CarWoo! Premium dealer presents an offer to a buyer, the PaymentDriver tool allows the buyer to see the range of payments he or she can expect. With PaymentDriver, the buyer has the ability to enter his or her credit score and trade-in value and then, based on current rates, residuals and rebates — along with lenders and terms configured by the dealer — see vehicle-specific loan or lease deals. With FinanceDriver, the customer can be fully qualified based on a credit application that is filled out online.

“Our digital retailing solutions and tools help streamline the online buying process for consumers while linking it with the dealer’s in-store practices,” said Amit Maheshwari, general manager of Digital Retailing Solutions at DealerTrack. “The addition of FinanceDriver and PaymentDriver to the CarWoo! marketplace will enhance consumers' online car buying experience, while putting more qualified buyers directly into the hands of dealers.”