CAMPBELL, Calif. — Forensic Vehicle Certification (FVC) has introduced a program to determine the true mechanical condition of OBD-II-equipped vehicles. FVC’s new Electronic Trend Analysis (ETA) is a proprietary and patented program that provides advanced information as to when and if vital components or systems are about to fail.

“The reach and scope of what this can tell us about the condition of components is quite remarkable,” said FVC President Joe Perez. “We were looking for something to augment our [existing] pre-owned vehicle certification program. The search led us to the discovery and development of this technology.”

Available with FVC’s Premium Certificated Pre-Owned documentation, the ETA program is capable of determining the present condition of all monitored systems and components by measuring and evaluating all the computer data, according to the company. Within a few minutes, ETA can determine if and when major and minor future repairs may be needed. The information gleaned from FVC’s highest level of certificated pre-owned status will have an immediate impact on the profit structure of dealerships.

For the last three years, FVC allowed qualified dealers to certify any vehicle regardless of year, make or model. A 192-point, on-site inspection guide includes instant analysis of all vital fluids. Once the vehicle has passed inspection, FVC performs an extensive comprehensive analysis of selected fluids to determine factors such as oxidation, sludge content, metal wear and fluid contamination/dilution. Reports are available in as little as 48 hours, according to the company. 

Once a vehicle receives certification, it is authorized to have the FVC Badge affixed to the vehicle and is entered into the CARFAX database. The FVC program is available to all new and pre-owned dealerships regardless of OE affiliation. It is also available for all extend warranty providers and will so be offered to private sellers.