LONDON — Lexus and Hyundai are the top growing Facebook communities among top car manufacturers globally, according to WaveMetrix. The social media firm found that the two marques successfully engaged a higher proportion of their community on average in the third quarter of this year vs. last year at this time.

Hyundai’s Facebook page grew 34 percent, while Lexus’ Facebook community grew by 24 percent. Volkswagen’s follower base also jumped 21 percent in the third quarter, while the average growth among other top brands brands was 12 percent.

“Although they are not the leaders in terms of community size, this suggests that both brands have successfully strengthened their follower base,” the firm said of Hyundai and Lexus. 

According to the report, Hyundai’s growth was driven by events such as Comic-Con, where a Zombie Survival model was unveiled. Lexus’ increase in fans was due to sales on 2012 models and new-model releases for 2013. The social media insight firm also discovered that Lexus and Hyundai were the top OEMs for increased engagement with followers.

“This shows a different perspective to community growth, as it analyses how effective the brand is at getting its community members actively involved,” said Leonie Bulman, research manager with WaveMetrix. “Lexus and Hyundai come out on top again, which is unsurprising, as you need to post engaging content to attract new community members. However, there are some brands like Chevrolet which is not in the top 10 for growth, but is the third most engaged community.”

In the third quarter, WaveMetrix found that Lexus’ level of engagement was up 5 percent, while Hyundai and Chevrolet were up 4 and 3.3 percent, respectively.