PALOS VERDES, Calif. — F&I Express announced the launch of its ExpressRecoveries program for auto finance sources. The online tool is designed to allow finance sources to electronically prepare and submit cancellation refunds to providers of F&I products.

ExpressRecoveries expedites the recovery of consumer refunds by streamlining the cancellation process for finance sources, dealers and product providers, and alleviating the paperwork burden that leads to cancellation processing delays.

“Finance sources, dealers and aftermarket F&I product providers are looking for ways to improve their consumer protection and compliance activities,” said Brian Reed, CEO of F&I Express. “ExpressRecoveries helps all parties accelerate product cancellation refunds on behalf of their consumer customers.”

Rich Apicella, executive vice president of F&I Express, added, “By streamlining the product cancellation process, ExpressRecoveries helps finance sources improve productivity and dealer satisfaction, while at the same time increasing consumer friendliness.”