SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio’s USAA is suing a California auto dealer for alleged infringement of its trademark, according to the San Antonio Express-News. According to the news outlet, the dealer was already sued by two USAA companies in California, where a temporary restraining order was issued banning the dealer from using USAA in the dealer’s business names or online.

Sam Shaker of USAA Auto Group and USAA Remarketing told the San Antonio Express-News his auto business should not be easily confused with the finance company, claiming the name 'USAA' was established based on the first names of his business partners: ‘Sam, Allan, Aris united.’

“They (the finance company) are not an auto dealer,” he said. “We buy cars and we sell cars to the military as a retail store. The retail operation attracts military members from nearby Camp Pendleton…We’re just a small business trying to survive the bad economy.”

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