SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Experian Automotive rolled out a new tool designed to provide dealers and OEMs with actionable insights aimed at helping dealer determine if a vehicle can be certified. The new tool, called AutoCheck Triggers, can also assist dealers with their inventory management efforts.

Released at the National Automotive Dealers Association’s annual conference this past weekend, AutoCheck Triggers allows dealers to track more than 20 different data elements, including changes in reported accidents, title brands, failed emissions and auction announcements. It will also inform dealers if a vehicle is eligible for the AutoCheck Buyback Protection program.

“Automotive professionals rely on our AutoCheck vehicle history reports to evaluate the condition of a vehicle or to determine if it is eligible to become certified pre-owned,” said Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive. “The new AutoCheck Triggers program builds on that service to alert users of specific changes to their vehicle inventory, allowing them to make critical decisions in a timely manner.”

Users also can select the frequency of when they want to be alerted regarding changes to a vehicle’s history, and can select daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly alerts. Dealers can also set the system to alert them on their own timetable. Once notified of key changes, users then can take the appropriate action quickly and efficiently.

AutoCheck Triggers also is designed to specifically assist lenders and OEMs by notify them of events such as accidents or brand changes that can impact the value of vehicles in their portfolios. For OEMs, the new service also allows them to monitor the inventory across dealerships to determine how many vehicles could meet their CPO program requirements. Additionally, AutoCheck Triggers notifies OEMs and dealers of key changes that could disqualify a vehicle from becoming certified.

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