PALO ALTO, Calif. — In a widely-publicized press conference this morning, Facebook’s subsidiary Instagram announced a 15-second video application for its now 130 million active users, ‘Video on Instagram.’ As Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg — who acquired the photo-sharing site for $1 billion last year — put it: “We’re really just getting started with this product.”

Instagram Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Systrom unveiled the new video offering, which allows users to create and upload 15-second videos. He demonstrated how to use the app, which essentially adds a video icon to the existing camera setup. From there, users can capture moving images, and even edit what they want to share — cutting down clips and choosing from 13 filters.

Systrom also introduced ‘Cinema,’” which he described as "groundbreaking technology" that offers “cinematic stabilization of your video that will change your video forever.” He said Instagram worked with world-leading scientists to right shaky videos. In a live stream of the event, he also walked members of the media through examples of drastically smoothed-out clips.

The event left off with a montage of videos uploaded by the community — where people shared clips of concerts, vacation spots and videos shot on the road.

—    Stephanie Forshee