ROSELAND, N.J. — According to the Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Research Institute, about 1,300 jobs were added in the automotive and dealer-related industries for the month of May.

Of that total, the auto parts and dealer industries accounted for 410 of the jobs added last month, according to the report. This accounts for employment related to tire stores, automotive parts and accessories, as well as auto dealerships.

The gasoline and auto repair industries accounted for 710 of the jobs added in May. That number reflects more people working in gas stations and convenience stores, as well as an increase in automotive repair and maintenance jobs

The rental industry also added 210 jobs in May. That includes employment related to rentals and leasing for passenger cars, trucks and RVs, and also utility trailers.

This new information is being released as part of ADP’s National Franchise Report, an inaugural study that comes out monthly. It measures the change of nonfarm private franchise employment in the United States.

According to the report, which was based on payroll data collected by ADP, there was an increase of 19,160 jobs with franchise employers overall. The largest numbers of jobs were added to the restaurant, business services, and food retail industries. Together, those areas of employment account for 17,590 of the 19,160 jobs added in May. Some of the areas that saw a decrease in employment were education, real estate, and professional services, which lost about 2,000 jobs lost last month. The franchise industries, however, have added 150,000 jobs in the last year.

Data shows that this latest report on the increase of jobs for auto related industries follows a steady increase of employment in the field for the last few months.

—     Jack Chavdarian