LAS VEGAS — MPi, a provider of revenue and retention solutions for dealership service departments, today announced the launch of a new website. It offers a refreshed look that incorporates the company’s new branding, as well as several improvements to enhance the user experience. Features include a new company blog, an updated knowledgebase of articles and a chat feature. 

 “I am pleased to announce the launch of our new website aimed at providing our clients and prospective clients improved resources and an in-depth understanding as to what our company is all about,” said Rich Holland, company president. “Our intent is to develop a platform that is more interactive and engaging. With improved navigation, inclusion of customer support chat, and a new and updated knowledgebase of software related articles, we feel that we are offering visitors to our website easy access to the information they require.”

The company recently conducted a study of the more than 1,300 new car franchises using EDGE WorldClass and found that in 2012, the average MPi auto dealer generated more than $42,000 per month in incremental inspection generated customer pay sales. This data was taken from a study of more than 11.5 million repair orders written by MPi dealers in 2012.