TORONTO and DETROIT — Dealer-FX announced the release of Customer Connect 3.0, an enhanced business development center communication tool. The system is available now to users of Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform.

As dealers increasingly utilize BDCs to interface with customers, Customer Connect gives agents valuable new capabilities to improve the customer experience and drive cost efficiencies, controlling all inbound and outbound communications via text, phone, and email, aligning message delivery with customer preferences to provide a frictionless experience, according to the company.

Customer Connect runs targeted campaigns designed to reach the right customers with the right message at the right time. It includes BDC Accelerator, an auto dialer designed to greatly improve agent efficiency. The system can also run personalized text and email campaigns, generating targeted outbound campaign lists and call scripts for recalls and software updates, declined and deferred services, missed appointments, and more, according to the provider.

“We are extremely excited to offer our dealers a product with so many valuable capabilities,” said Gary Kalk, president and CEO of Dealer-FX. “Customer Connect takes the dealership BDC to a whole new level, using every communication channel and reason to connect with customers to drive retention, revenue, improved efficiency and a seamless customer experience. It also provides a simple and easy solution for dealers to communicate with their customers.”