ATLANTA – What do the numbers 30 billion and two million have in common? They’re both key milestones that DealShield, a wholesale purchase protection solution, surpassed recently—all due to dealers’ ongoing satisfaction with the guarantee. In January, DealShield’s DS360 issued its two millionth guarantee and in December, reached $30 billion in vehicle value guaranteed. Launched nationally in 2014, DS360 Return Guarantee helps dealers reduce reconditioning costs, eliminate costly mistakes, redeploy capital quickly and gain greater confidence in their wholesale purchases by offering a truly hassle-free return experience.

The two millionth DS360 guarantee was issued on a 2017 GMC YUKON in Dark Sapphire Metallic Blue, bought at Manheim Pennsylvania on January 10. Gary Coppa of Jim Price Chevrolet in Charlottesville, VA, a DS360 client since 2015, made the milestone purchase.

“We’ve been on DealShield for five years and love the no-hassle process,” Coppa shared. “Knowing that I can get money back, including the buy fee, if I make a mistake gives me extra peace of mind. On top of that, it saves me time and transport fees by letting me return vehicles to the location closest to me—even if it’s not where I purchased.” 

With the DS360 Return Guarantee, dealers can purchase a vehicle at a participating location in-lane or online. If it doesn't meet their expectations, they can return it to any of the 125 locations within the DealShield Network for a full refund of the vehicle purchase price and buy fee — no arbitration required. With these two major milestones, it’s clear that dealers across the nation are finding great value in DealShield’s DS360 guarantee. 

In fact, a recent survey showed that client satisfaction is strong among current DealShield clients, driven by their recognition of its impact to their bottom line. Of those surveyed, 72% said they are extremely satisfied, 89% reported that the solution gives them peace mind and the vast majority said that DealShield makes them more confident buying online. 

“DealShield’s number one goal has always been to help dealers buy more confidently in the wholesale marketplace,” said Brett Woods, vice president of Assurance at Cox Automotive. “And as more and more dealers buy digitally, that confidence will become even more important, as it gives them an easy out if a vehicle isn’t what they expected.”

Using DealShield’s DS360 Return Guarantee, dealers can opt for a 21-day guarantee or upgrade to a 30-day guarantee. Either way, subscribing dealers can easily return a protected vehicle and quickly redeploy that capital to acquire another unit. DS360 subscribers can extend their protection window even further when they transport their purchases with Ready Logistics through a partnership solution called “Ready. Set. Pause.” which enables dealers to effectively stop the clock on their days of DealShield coverage while a vehicle is in transit. 

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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